Round Steak & Gravy


I must apologize beforehand if you’re someone who really enjoys viewing the process pictures of my quality recipes.

This Circular Steak & Gravy formula requires so several steps which i actually didn’t get ANY! If you want to start to see the recipe being produced, you can head to my Instagram accounts HERE and examine my highlights beneath the Meat category watching steps to make it. I’ll also web page link a video by the end of this formula. There is something concerning the Fall weather within Chicago that experienced me craving this child years recipe my Mother used to create. Circular Steak & Gravy is really a recipe that utilizes an affordable slice of beef known as Round Steak that’s delicious, but usually needs hrs to cook such that it is sensitive. I produced this recipe in my own Instant Pot, nonetheless it may also be manufactured in the sluggish cooker or within your oven, when you have the time. I’ll add the changing times for cooking within the crock or stove by the end of the formula.


  • four to six 6 pieces of Circular Steak
  • 2 Pouches of Onion Gravy
  • 2 C of WARM WATER
  • 1 Moderate Yellow Onion, Sliced
  • 3 Cloves of Garlic clove, Peeled and Smashed
  • 2 T of Butter
  • Again, I produced this in my own Instant Pot, I’ll add adjustments for any crock or an stove in the actions.


  1. Work with a skillet and 1 T of butter to sear off both edges of your circular steak. I just prepared these on each part for 2 2-3 3 minutes.
  2. In your Quick Container, sauté the onions as well as the garlic clove in 1 T of Butter.
  3. Add the pieces of meat towards the pot.
  4. Add both pouches from the gravy to 2 C of warm water and dissolve.
  5. Pour on the meats and onions.
  6. Set your Quick Pot towards the meat environment and prepare on ruthless for 20 moments.
  7. Release the vapor and you will be ready to serve.

This recipe is most beneficial served together with creamy mashed potatoes sufficient reason for buttery corn. You can even use grain or egg noodles. However in my estimation, the gravy must become with mashed potatoes. If you wish to make this formula within your crock container, sear the meats within the skillet, and brownish the onions and mushrooms in exactly the same skillet and include the gravy blend for your crock and prepare on reduced 8 to 10 hrs. Remember to keep carefully the lid on your own crock or it will require longer. If you’re making this within the oven, do exactly the same steps because the crock, but spot the meats, onions and gravy inside a casserole dish, protect with foil and bake at 350 levels for just two 2.5 hrs. You can even add mushrooms to the recipe if you want. Another option would be to add in you can of Lotion of Mushroom Soup to create it a creamy gravy. I’ve loved this formula since I has been a youngster and I am hoping you do as well!

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